We invited experienced representatives from Israel and the United States of America to share their perspectives and experience in what makes a successful innovation ecosystem. They will discuss together with Key local spearkers ways in which all the players in innovation (government, accelerators, capital, academic institutions, private sector, public institutions, etc.) can be truly integrated

We believe that connecting entrepreneurs, professional and policy makers from all three states will create the basis for business collaborations and new strategic partnerships.


The goal of the event is to expose the participants to the fundamentals of the Israeli and American startup ecosystems, sharing the specific approaches and strategies employed in each country to foster innovation and maximize the results, from investing in R&D to becoming the engine that drives the economy and value creation. This is also an opportunity for building new relationships with key players from the Israeli, American and Romanian startup ecosystems.

Participants will share knowhow, connect around mutually beneficial projects and get a sense of the local opportunities. Bucharest and Cluj host the conference, as these are the two most dynamic markets for innovation in the country.