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Innoteque is a conference about creating,
nurturing and maximizing an innovation
ecosystem in Romania

Second Edition – Innoteque 2019 – 27-28 March

First Edition – Innoteque 2016 – The three days exposed the participants to the fundamentals
of the Israeli and American startup ecosystems and leveraging successful European approaches.

Download the Innoteque 2016 Report


Roxana Voicu-Dorobantu
Ph.D., Associate Professor with the Bucharest University of Economic Studies (ASE), Romania

Oana Craioveanu
Co-initiator Innoteque

Andrei Roth
Co-initiator Innoteque

Ana Bobirca
Associate Professor – ASE București, Partner – CEFS
Coalitia pentru Dezvoltarea României – The Coalition for Romania’s Development

Ana-Maria Andronic
Head of Intellectual Property, Media & Technology Practice, DLA Piper, Bucharest Office

Marius Mitroi
Co-Director at Founder Institute Bucharest, former Head of Innovation Funding Department UEFISCDI

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The Embassy of the State of Israel welcomes the initiative of Innoteque to promote Romania`s innovative spirit and fully enhance its high-tech capacities. Innovation is a major driver of economic growth and development and, for the last decades, Israel has positioned itself as a global leader for cutting-edge innovation and one of the faster-growing hotspots for technology. Our country values the potential of the high-tech sector in Romania and seeks to expand its cooperation in this field. As an innovation nation, we are very proud to share our experience and technology in order to intensify the process of securing a prosperous innovation ecosystem. We are thus looking forward to the launch of this conference and to the ideas that will be shaped throughout these days, hoping that they will inspire future successful actions and strengthen the partnership between all key players, government, business and the academic environment.

Tamar Samash
Ambassador of Israel in Romania

The United States Embassy in Bucharest is proud to support the Innoteque Conference and to encourage the discussion about what it takes to create a successful innovation ecosystem.  Romania’s technological and engineering talent attracts leading IT companies from across the globe.  Now is the time to take the next step and use that talent, research capacity, and technological know-how to nurture Romania’s own innovative start-ups.  There is no single secret formula to make this leap, but the U.S. Embassy is eager to stimulate the discussion and share some initiatives that have worked in our own country, helping produce the dynamic interplay we enjoy between government, industry, and academia that propels our own economy forward.

The United States Embassy in Bucharest

Romanian-American Foundation believes that enhancing Romania’s technology and innovation ecosystem has the potential to drive the economy for years to come, especially through the contributions of all the major stakeholders involved. Our programming attempts to bring to Romania new models in areas such as commercialization, the inclusion of pre-accelerator programs in technical universities, as well as by providing professors fellowships to the University of Rochester’s AIN Center for Entrepreneurship.

The Innoteque Conference is a distinctive context that will highlight some of the successes found in the US, Israel, and Romania while affording industry leaders, members of academia, as well as Romanian policy makers a focal point for dialogue and future development.

Romanian-American Foundation

The Austrian Trade Promotion Agency ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA ROMANIA, is proud to be one of the partners of the second edition of the INNOTEQUE conference 2019.  Innovation is a mega-trend, which has a decisive influence on the future not only in Austria but in the whole world. The source of any innovation is an idea, but it is the implementation and economic applicability that makes this idea a true innovation. The continuous development of the Austrian Innovation ecosystem and a well-established framework positioned the country very strategic in the global arena. Austria and Romania have long-lasting economic relations, with an excellent reputation as cooperation partners in many important sectors. Austria recognises the high potential of Romania in the IT sector and is looking forward to future collaboration and partnerships in this field. This conference is the perfect frame to establish a dialog and exchange successful methods for developing the Romanian innovation scene and contributing to a potential future regional innovation ecosystem.

Advantage Austria Romania