The first edition of the “Innoteque” conference was held in October of 2016 in Bucharest and Cluj, Romania. It was focused on the Romanian innovation ecosystem and benefited from top-level guests and speakers from the US, Israel, the Netherlands, and Romania. Building on the success, but also on the lessons learned, the organizers decided to transform Innoteque into a recurring event and also to extend the scope of the conference at the regional level. The goal of the scope extension is three-folded: to help other countries benefit from the expertise of the invited speakers, to leverage each country’s specific experience and to spur regional cooperation by facilitating business and research partnerships across the participating countries.

Targeted Audience

The event is intended for:

  • innovators, researchers
  • entrepreneurs
  • policymakers, educators
  • acceleration program and innovation hub managers, entrepreneurs
  • innovation managers in corporations

Preliminary Agenda

Day 1 – 27th of March
Day 2 – 28th of March
09:00 AM
Check in
09:30 AM
Welcome & Opening Address
10:00 AM
Keynote Speakers

2 keynotes (areas of expertise: innovation)

10:45 AM
Coffee Break
11:15 AM
Panel 1 – Parallel Tracks
Track A

Co-creation in Research Institutes – The Challenge of Sharing Infrastructure and Knowledge

Track B

From prototype to mass production – key challenges from start-up to scale-up

12:30 PM
Lunch Break
01:45 PM
Panel 2 – Parallel Tracks
Track A

The Administrative and RegulatoryConundrum –  National or Regional?Support or Hindrance?

Track B

Protecting IP and getting financing – Finding the right framework.

03:00 PM
Coffee Break
03:30 PM
Panel 3 – Parallel Tracks
Track A

Financing Research – Optimizing Mechanisms and the Balance of Fundamental Research and Fast Transfer to Market

Track B

Education for Innovation. Innovation for Education

04:45 PM
Coffee Break
05:15 PM
Open Sessions – Innovation Fair featuring regional start-ups
  • Workshop –  white paper drafting
  • Open Stands and Product Presentations 
  • Key Note –  Large speaking event  – location TBC
06:45 PM
Networking & Wine Tasting
09:00 AM
Check in
09:30 AM
Welcome and Opening Address

Summary of the Day 1 Findings

10:00 AM
Keynote Speakers

3 keynote speakers (areas of expertise: energy, agriculture, healthcare)

11:00 AM
Coffee Break
11:30 AM
Innovation for Healthcare

Tackling societal challenges

12:45 PM
Lunch Break
02:00 PM
Innovation for Sustainability

Focus on energy

03:15 PM
Coffee Break
03:45 PM
Innovation for Sustainability

Focus on agriculture

05:00 PM
Wrap up
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Track A – Research institutes & technology transfer

This track will focus the conversation on fundamental research, the needs of research institutes and the potential for their research to be transferred to the industry via technology transfer. The development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem around universities and/or research institutes, as well as the key challenges of the governance of and European innovation ecosystem to be solved by input of best practices and business models.

Track B – Bringing innovation to the world

This track will focus on the needs of innovators in order to take their innovative work to the world. The approach will be targeted on the private sector, financing and legal frameworks, as well as on the potential benefits innovators can reach by leveraging the existing networks in partner countries.

A festival of innovation – the open fair

This new component of the Innoteque conference aims to open the conference to the public at large. The open fair will have several components:

  • one open audience keynote from one of the known and appealing speakers.
  • an innovation “pitch” session where startups will demo their innovation and ask for votes
  • booths where startups can show their technology and, if possible, let users demo it

The festival will focus on several industries, in order to gain exposure and be able to have a side-by-side view of several innovative businesses in the same field.

Industry focus proposals:

  • Healthcare
  • Agriculture, agritech, water consumption
  • Energy

The Open fair will end with a private networking and wine tasting event for the conference participants.

B2B Component

We are also envisioning organising parallel meetings dedicated to matching startups and innovators with potential investors and business partners. The format will be established together with the partners and after deciding on industry focus.