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Victor Cotrutz

Founder and CEO of Greentek Lighting

Victor Cotrutz is the founder of Greentek Lighting, and has been recognized as a visionary, tech-savvy manager delivering high-quality turnkey LED solutions that answer customers’ ever-evolving expectations.

For the past 10 years as acting CEO of Greentek, he has developed a highly agile company that earns its trust with high profile customers in Europe. He has also capitalized on market trends to launch DARA, an IoT platform that ads exciting new features and capabilities while also being at the forefront of lighting market transformation.

Victor is a hands-on manager that builds customer-oriented sales teams and drives the R&D department to innovate by leveraging creative freedom and solution-oriented mindsets. At the same time, he is leading new business efforts and upsells innovations, that are still perceived as ahead of their time, to traditional lighting customers.

Victor brings significant experience in transforming tech innovation vision into a fully functional production process and go to market strategies.