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Zohar Gendler

Managing Partner and CEO, NGT

Managing Partner & CEO of NGT3 which is an early-stage investor structured as a venture capital fund and a holder the Israeli government franchise to operate technological incubator and invest in life-science technologies.

Former CEO and director of Beta-O2 Technologies (a biomedical company which developed proprietary implantable bio-artificial pancreas) for a period of 8 years, brought the company to one of the world leaders positioning in the area.

Served as CEO of the Technion Entrepreneurial Incubator (TEIC) for a period of 11 years. Led the establishment and investment in more than 50 companies, such as Prolor Biotech (sold to Opko, NYSE: OPK, for $480M on August 2014), Mazor Robotics (NASDAQ: MZOR, TASE: MZOR.TA, www.mazorrobotics.com), ReWalk (NASDAQ: RWLK, www.rewalk.com), Corindus (NASDAQ: CVRS, www.corindus.com), Regentis (www.regentis.co.il) and many others.

Gained a wide range of experience in identifying new technologies and in establishing, directing, and creating value for technology-based start-up companies.

Served as a member of the Technion’s Patent Committee. (1998 – 2006).

Earned his M.Sc. in material engineering, a B.Sc. in physics, and a certificate in business management, all from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology.